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Who am I? Good question. I am not sure I know, nor do I believe that I should know. The answer to that question seems to be ever changing and evolving. If you had asked me that question a couple of years ago, I probably would have used phrases like “caring sister,” “loving daughter,” “driven scholar,” “compassionate volunteer.” That was before I was taken on the biggest roller coaster (that is still not over) — anorexia nervosa. The road to recovery has been filled with pain and tears, but has totally transformed me. I am a much better version of the girl I was before the disease. 

Now if you asked me to describe myself, I would add phrases like “rhythm-less dancer,” “coloring book addict,” “Netflix connoisseur”.  The pervious phrases still apply, but they aren’t everything. Yes, I love learning and helping others, and want others to see that side of me. However, I don’t want those parts to be all they see of me. I want them to hear my terrible karaoke renditions of Taylor Swift, to see my stick-figure paintings, to taste my burnt toast and to copy my lame dance moves.

The bump in the road caused by my eating disorder derailed the timeline I set for myself in high school when I mapped out my entire journey to becoming a physician. I have no doubt that I will reach my goal in due time. For now, I want to celebrate my recent graduation as an undergraduate from Johns Hopkins University (Go Hop!), settle into my new job as a medical scribe at UCI (and part-time job at Panera Bread…yum) and enjoy living at home with my family in beautiful Southern California!

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Why Preppy and Periwinkle?

Who doesn’t love preppy monograms, bows, and polka dots? Well you may not, but I sure do. More importantly, I chose periwinkle as it is the color of the ribbon for eating disorder awareness. To learn more about the disease, take a free screening, or seek care, visit the website for the National Eating Disorder Association.