My June Gratitudes

June marks the official start of summer — a season symbolic of life and adventure. This month, I was able to take advantage of the spirit of this warm season with family adventures and multiple celebrations.

June Gratitudes.png

A Relaxing Father’s Day


My dad may not have Superman’s super strength, but he is a superhero in my book!

June is always an extra special month because of Father’s Day! I am so grateful to have such an incredible father in my life. While only one day does not seem like nearly enough time, my family and I made sure to make the day all about our dad. Complete with a pancake breakfast at IHOP, an outing to Costco filled with delicious samples and a home-cooked dinner, the day was relaxing and filled with love.

Father’s Day is a good reminder of how amazing a role model my dad is to me and my sisters. I do not express my gratitude nearly enough. No words can express all of my love, but I tried to express some of the ways he has impacted my life with this post, 5 Reasons My Father is a Real-Life Superhero.

Celebration of my 23rd Birthday

I am finally 23! For my birthday this year, I was lucky enough to be able to celebrate with both family, friends and colleagues. My birthday fell in the middle of the work week, but my colleagues still managed to make me feel special with a chocolate bundt cake from coworkers at one job and surprise party decorations covering my cubicle at my other job. The following weekend, I was able to continue the excitement with a pool party with friends and a dinner/movie night with family. I am not one to drag on my birthday celebrations, but I appreciated the kind gestures from all my loved ones. The memories we made are priceless!

As I turned another year older, I also decided to focus on a few new goals. Check out Another Year Older: 5 Personal Goals for Turning 23.

Little Sister’s 5th Grade Promotion

My baby sister is now a middle schooler! This month, we were able to congratulate her on the promotion from elementary school to middle school. Even though moving on to 6th grade is required, it is still a nice symbolic representation of her maturity. As she continues to grow, I am in awe of her kindheartedness and joyous spirit. She is a great role model for me as I try to work on my ability to enjoy the moment and live life fully!

Family Adventure to Northern California


My sisters and I loved the beautiful Northern California coast.

My family and I took a spontaneous weekend trip to San Jose and San Francisco this month. With only a couple of days to explore such an exciting location, we packed in as much as possible. We spent an entire day walking the hilly streets of San Francisco and driving over the powerful Golden Gate Bridge. The following day, we took a risk by venturing in the Winchester Mystery House. This was an exciting action-packed weekend! I am grateful for the quality family time I was able to spend with my parents and sisters.

If you wish to hear more about our day in San Francisco, check out The Best One-Day Trip to San Francisco. Stay tuned for an upcoming post about the Winchester Mystery House.

Launch of the #WCW Campaign


Allison Chisenhall is P&P’s first #WCW!

The official launch of Preppy and Periwinkle’s #WCW campaign happened this June. This has been an idea of mine for many months now, and I am pleased to see it come together. While we have only had one official post featuring the lovely and inspiring Allison Chisenhall, many more are to come. I look forward to continuing to share the stories of women from all backgrounds who are leaving a positive impact in their communities. This world is filled with so many inspirational females so stay tuned for more! Click here to nominate a special in your community.


I had so much to be grateful for this June. How about you? What experiences did you have last month for which you want to express gratitude?

Until next time,

P&P ❤


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