5 Reasons My Father is a Real-Life Superhero

Superheroes with their flowing capes, incredible hand-eye coordination and memorable catch phrases inspire young girls and boys. No human can lift a car with one hand or fly through the New York skyline, but some people are superheroes in their own sense. My father is one of those individuals. Since I was young, I have admired his strength and determination. And even now, as an adult, he continues to motivate me to be a better version of myself.

5 Reasons My Father is a Real-Life Superhero.png

Here are 5 of the many reasons my father is a real-life superhero:

He is a leader in his professional life.

My dad has long held a supervising role at work. Despite the high levels of stress and midnight calls, he is able to remain calm and handle any problem thrown at him. Even though he has a lot on his plate and many people to juggle, he never fails to keep everything in perspective and treat his employees with respect. He is mindful of each and every employee’s personal situations and works around any hurdles to the best of his ability. Being a former employee of his company myself, I have witnessed the respect they have for him. My dad taught me that a good leader gets the best results by demonstrating empathy and kindness.

He recovered from the Whipple procedure.

In February, he underwent an extensive surgery to remove a polyp in his bile duct. The Whipple procedure involves the removal of portions of the pancreas, gall bladder, stomach and small intestine. Prior to the operation, we were told he would be in the hospital a minimum of 2 weeks, followed by another 2 weeks at a skilled nursing facility. However, he recovered miraculously. Within less than two weeks of having a large portion of his abdominal organs removed, we was home, ambulating normally and eating a near normal diet. This process was far from easy but he held his head high the entire way and pushed himself through the fears and discomfort. His bravery and poise is admirable.

He holds our household together.

My poor father has had to deal with living in an all-female household. Between myself, two sisters, mother and two female dogs, there is never a shortage of estrogen. Yes, he may comment about the occasional hair straightener left on the bathroom sink or the extra pairs of shoes lying on the living room floor, but that is about the extent of his complaints. We ask a lot of him, from fixing broken appliance to dealing with the occasional spider climbing on the wall. He never hesitates to lend a helping hand. I don’t think there is anything he cannot handle!

He is an avid runner.

Since I was young, I recall my dad walking in the door on Saturday mornings dripping in sweat as I watched cartoons. He has always been an avid runner. I could never fathom running the 26.2 miles in a marathon, but somehow my father managed to do this at least a dozen times. While he may not be able to run those distances at this time, he has not let anything get in the way of this passion. His recovery from the Whipple kept him out of his running shoes for a while, but he is slowly gaining strength and working his way up to getting back on the pavement.

He is a major supporter of my anorexia recovery.

My eating disorder recovery has been a challenge for me, but just as much so for my family. For fathers, eating disorders are no easy subject to touch upon, much less comprehend. Despite the emotional and psychological complexity of the topic, my father has put in every effort to be of assistance. He has made my lunch for me when I was incapable, taken me to the grocery store to buy challenge foods and sat next to me while I cried over my dinner plate. With each embrace and “good job, sweetie,” he has given me strength to move forward and beat the disease.

Words cannot express how much my father has taught and inspired me. I am one lucky daughter! I hope all you readers get to reflect on how incredible your father is this Father’s Day. How is your father your superhero?

Until next time,

P&P ❤


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