My May Gratitudes

May was another month filled with unforgettable experiences. There are no reasons to wait until the official start of summer to start your adventures.

May Gratitudes.png

Gay Pride Parade

Gay Pride Parade

Even the statues in Long Beach participate in Pride.

My first experience at the Gay Pride Parade in Long Beach was unforgettable! By standing on the sidewalk watching colorful floats and confidence men and women march by, I felt as if I was part of something much larger. The atmosphere was filled with feelings of empowerment, acceptance and unity. For more on this powerful event, visit my post on the 5 Themes of the Long Beach Pride Parade.

Bridget’s Birthday

My baby sister tuned 11 this month. I still cannot believe how old she has become. She is no longer a little baby interested in playing dress up and peek-a-boo. Now, she has crushes on boys and won’t stop asking for permission to wear make-up! I am impressed every day by her kind-heartedness and compassion. Even on her birthday, she was worrying about others. We let her pick the location for dinner. Instead of picking one of her favorite restaurants, she decided on Panera because it is one location each member of my family enjoys. I am excited to watch her continue to grow.

Seascape Trail

The California coast never ceases to amaze.

Memorial Day Beach Hike

My family is slowly starting to catch the outdoorsy bug. We went on another hike this Memorial Day holiday. We ventured to Rancho Palos Verdes for a relaxing outing along the rocky California coast. This hike was much easier and relaxing than our Easter hike. If you live in the LA area, I definitely recommend trying the Seascape Trail. Plan your trip today.



Mother’s Day

May is a month for all the fabulous mothers out there. While my mom deserves more than just one day, we made Mother’s Day extra special for her. The day is always a nice reminder to express my gratitude. I always tell myself that I am lucky to have a strong mother to look up to, but I often forget to tell her how I feel. Read more about the lessons my mother taught me here.

Open House

“What is wit’ that spit?”

Open House

Not only did we get to celebrate my little sister’s birthday this month, but we also got to celebrate her academic achievements. At her school’s open house, I realized just how mature she has become. As she walked around the classroom explaining each assignment to me and my parents, her intelligence shined. My favorite was her science project about bacteria growth in the mouth – “What is wit’ that spit?” Maybe she will be a science nerd just like me!


My last pre-requisite for Physician Assistant school is complete! This month, I had finals for my physiology class. The course further proved that medicine is the field for me. Sometimes the human body seems magical. Countless tissues and cells work in tandem to monitor and combat even the smallest changes from homeostasis. This refresher of the human body’s beauty added to my motivation for ED recovery. My body does so much for me, but it can only function properly if I provide nourishment. My brain can’t focus on my studies and my legs can’t walk along the beach without energy. What does your body do for you?

Pechanga Casino Day Trip


My sister and I are pumped to try the slot machines.

This May, I got to put by betting hat on and test my luck on the slot machines. My family does an annual trip to a local Indian casino, Pechanga. This year was my second trip, and my 21-year-old sister tagged along for the first time. We are all far from experts when it comes to gambling, but we had a blast putting in a few dollars and watching the wheels spin! I left with $20 extra bucks in my pocket! However, the money was not our priority. Rather, we were there for a fun experience! Read more about the trip, plus get some newbie slot machine tips here.


I hope you all had a great May as well. What experiences did you have this month for which you are grateful for? Comment below!

Until next time,

P&P ❤


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