7 Unique Pepperoni Pizza Recipes — Go Beyond the Traditional Circular Pizza

Happy National Pizza Party Day! Who knew there was a special day to honor pizza parties? I sure didn’t until this year. Pizza definitely deserves it! Next time you have a pizza party at home, mix it up. Don’t going with a boring, round pizza. Go crazy with one of these recipes.

Pizza Recipes -- Preppy & Periwinkle

Pizza Waffles

This recipe by Tablespoon takes breakfast-for-dinner to a whole new level.


Pizza Sliders

This combination of pizza and bread rolls is a genius idea! Check out The Country Cook for the recipe.



Cheesy Pepperoni Pizza Sticks

Traditional mozzarella sticks are for amateurs, just like plain pizza. Follow the instructions by I Wash You Dry to make your pizza into gooey cheesy sticks.



Deep-Dish Pizza Casserole

If you aren’t a deep-dish pizza fan, I am not sure we can be friends! I love extra crust. Try this easy recipe by Tablespoon to make your own fluffy pizza casserole.


Pasta Pizza Bake

Step far outside the box by making Pasta Night at your house into Pasta and Pizza Night with the help of The Country Cook. You should never need to choose between these two delicious dishes.


Pizza Rolls

Looking for an appetizer for your pizza party? Serve these pizza rolls by Tablespoon before the main course of pizza.


Pepperoni & Cheese Pizza Bombs

Get ready for an explosion of cheesy, pepperoni goodness with these pizza bombs by Sizzlingly Eats.


Now you are all set your for the next pizza night at your house! The hardest part is going to be deciding which recipe to try first. My suggestion? Invite a bunch of friends over and give multiple recipes a try.

Until next time,

P&P ❤






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