8 Lessons My Mother Taught Me Through Example

Happy Mother’s Day! In the lead up to the day celebrating the special women in our lives, I have been reflecting on how my mother has influenced my upbringing. She has always shared her advice, but I think the most valuable lessons are those I learned through observation. The guidance she did not directly express but practiced in her daily life has had the largest impact.

8 Lessons My Mother Taught Me Through Example

1. No sacrifice is too big for those you love.

Since I was young, my mother has always spent her spare time helping others. From serving as PTA president for multiple terms to volunteering as soccer team mom and from caring for my elderly grandmother to supporting my ED recovery, my mother never thinks twice about lending a hand when she sees someone in need. She is the one person I can count on for anything and everything. She is my rock!

2. Do not be afraid to express your feelings.

My mom has always encouraged me to express my feelings. Holding back your emotions only causes them to build up. Even in my 20s, my mom never makes me feel ashamed for how I feel. Speak up when you are upset; dance when you feel free. Cry when you scrape your knee; laugh when you watch cartoons.

3. Preparation and organization are key.

My mother loves to stay busy. In order to stay sane, she makes sure to plan ahead and stay organized. Our family calendar is always up-to-date. I am not sure how we would function without her! I am lucky to have caught her organization-bug. Checklists are my life saver.

4. Practice self-care (you deserve it!).

Yes, you should care for those you love, but also love yourself! In between taking care of everyone else, my mom takes the occasional break to get her nails done or watch the latest Scandal episode. The only way to stay productive and live a happy life is to save time for yourself.

5. Think outside the box.

My mom is the Pinterest Queen. She is always repurposing and crafting. I may not have inherited her artistic gene, but she has showed me how to be innovative. Nothing is as simple as it seems. With a little creativity and enthusiasm, the possibilities are endless.

6. Every problem is fixable, no matter how big.

Life is full of the unexpected. Problems seem to pop up all over the place. I was always amazed by my mother’s ability to magically fix all our problems. However, I have learned that she doesn’t erase them with the wave of a wand. Rather, she analyzes each situation and comes up with a rational solution. When she needs advice, she isn’t afraid to ask. Her logical approach proves nothing irremediable.

7. We are all imperfect (and that is okay).

Growing up, I thought my mother was perfect. She seemed to have all the answers and never made mistakes. However, as I grew up, I learned that she is human, too (even though she will always be my Supermom). She needs time to rest and recharge. She sometimes asks others for help. I have learned that a person can be amazing without being perfect!

8. You can’t do it all.

While my mom is the queen of planning, even she can’t do the impossible. I have learned that there is not enough time in the day to accomplish everything. Even with her hardworking nature and expertise in organization, my mom can’t do everything all at once. Don’t be upset when you have a couple items left on your checklist before going to bed. They will get done tomorrow.

I am ever so grateful to have had such an inspiring role model growing up. My mother has shaped me into the woman I am today. How has your mother influenced you? Share with us all the life lessons your mother taught you. You can also nominate her for the new Preppy & Periwinkle #WCW feature.

Until next time,

P&P ❤


5 thoughts on “8 Lessons My Mother Taught Me Through Example

  1. faithhopelove627 says:

    Those are really great lessons. I especially love the one that you can’t do it all. That is something I’m still learning and hoping to teach my kids. Also I like that we aren’t all perfect. It is okay to make mistakes and as a parent I see other parents putting way too much pressure on their kids to be perfect. I never want to do that to my kids or myself. So glad your mom taught you these great lessons!


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