Spring Cleaning For Beginners: 5-Minute Ideas for Each Room in Your House

Spring is a beautiful time full of blooming flowers and chirping birds. A time for rebirth and fresh starts, spring has also become the season of cleaning. Recently, I have heard a lot of talk about deep cleaning the furniture and scrubbing baseboards. However, lets be realistic — that is not going to happen at my house. Don’t get me wrong; I love a tidy home. Perhaps if I didn’t work 7 days a week I would have more time to lug out the mop and deck scrubber.

I may not be able to commit to detail clean my entire house, but I would still like to take part in the spirit of the season. Decluttering and tiding have always made me feel at ease. Join me with these quick spring cleaning tips. This year, let’s start small and accomplish one task in each room of the house.

Spring Cleaning for Beginners -- Preppy & Periwinkle

Bedroom — Wash the curtains and wipe down the window seal. You probably (…hopefully…) keep up with regular laundering of your bedsheets and comforter, but I doubt you wash those curtains as often. If you are like me, this may be your first time washing curtains. If so, read up on some tips from Cleanipedia.

Bonus: Open that closet and take out 5 articles of clothing plus 2 pairs of shoes you haven’t worn in the past year. Drop them off at your local homeless shelter.

KitchenClean out the inside of your microwave. If you are like me and had never truly cleaned out a microwave before 2017, visit Good Housekeeping to get it done with 4 simple steps.

PantryThrow out foods that have been in there for an extended period of time. Foods to look out for:

  • Expired foods
  • Opened packages with stale foods inside
  • Boxes with just a few crumbs on the bottom (I admit that I am guilty of leaving just a 1/3 cup of cereal at that bottom of the box in case I really want some more later)

Bonus: Any unopened cans or prepackaged foods or drinks? If they have been in your cupboard for more than one month and you have yet to consider cracking them open, drop them off at your local food bank. Be sure to check the expiration dates first.

BathroomDump out all the makeup, lotions and soaps that have not been used in the past 3 months. I am sure you got plenty of new self-care products during this past holiday season. This is the perfect time to get rid of all of the old products before another year goes by and more excess accumulates.

Living RoomStraighten up your bookshelves. You don’t have to go over the top and place everything in alphabetical order. Rather, get rid of the old and tidy up the rest.

Toss out old magazines (or save them for collages and crafts such as this DIY College Artwork project). Take out books you have already read and don’t plan on reading a second time (or the books you started to read but don’t plan on finishing). Gather up DVDs you don’t think you will ever watch again (or those that have already made it onto Netflix).

Bonus: Donate your unwanted books and DVDs to your local Goodwill.

GarageSweep the floor and dust the cobwebs out of the corners. The garage is an overwhelming location to tackle when it comes to spring cleaning. Maybe one day you will find the time and motivation to go through all of those boxes, but today start small.

Bonus: Lug out your bike from the back corner of the garage. Wipe it off and add some air to the tires. Now you are all set for a lovely afternoon bike ride through the park.

Garden Trim the bushes and trees. If you are feeling extra ambitious, pull up all the weeds. However, a quick snip can go a long way.

Bonus: Stop by your local nursery or hardware store to purchase a fresh flower. Plant it your garden and watch it flourish this spring!

Alright, now get set and go! Clean like you have never been clean before. With these seven five-minute tips, your house will look good-as-new in just a couple of hours. Let me know how it turns out!

Until next time,

P&P ❤


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