5 Ways to Make Your Own Luck

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! On this holiday, it is difficult not to think about your own luck. This year, let’s all vow to take a new look on chance. Instead of simply wishing to be luckier people, we should be focusing on creating it ourselves!

Make Your Own Luck

1.  Be open-minded

An open mind is the best way to come across new opportunities. If you go through life with blinders on, then there are so many different paths you may miss. You may not see another job opening, may fail to say hi to a potentially new friend or may miss out on giving a new hobby a shot (stay tuned for a future post about my recent line dancing endeavors…yes, I broke out my cowboy boots!). Keep your eyes open to all the possibilities out there because you may find something great where you least expect it.

2.  Do what you are passionate about.

In order to obtain the level of mastery you are striving for, you must truly love what you do. Michael Phelps never would’ve won 28 gold medals without a passion for swimming. Steve Jobs never would’ve have built an empire without a passion for technology and innovation. Do more of what makes you excited to get out of bed each morning. Passion is vital to growth and success.

Without passion, any rational person would give up.”—Steve Jobs

3.  Take risks.

The only way to be successful is to take a shot. You would never have learned to ride a two-wheeler if you didn’t take off the training wheels. Taylor Swift never would’ve won 10 Grammy’s if she hadn’t walked around Nashville as a preteen with copies of her demo tape. I admit that I struggle with taking risks all the time. Just last week, I opened my mouth to ask my boss to write me a letter of recommendation at least 12 times in a 4-hour span before the words finally trickled out of my mouth. The key I have learned is positive self-talk. One success far outweighs a few failures!

Nothing safe is worth the drive.”—Taylor Swift

4.  Reach out to others.

No man or woman ever accomplished anything great entirely on his or her own so don’t feel like you need to do that same. Admitting that you need help is hard, trust me, I know! But remember that true strength is reaching out to others. Form connections with strangers. Strengthen your relationships with current coworkers, family and friends. Doing so will open up exponentially more doors.

5.  Learn from your setbacks.

The best parts of life rarely come without a few bumps in the road. Before becoming one of the most famous authors of our time, J.K. Rowling was receiving unemployment benefits, raising her daughter alone and writing whenever she could find the chance. She opened many rejection letters before Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone finally hit the shelves.

It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all – in which case, you fail by default.” — J.K. Rowling

Failures, both big or small, are inevitable. We all face setbacks. If someone tells you they have never truly failed at something, he or she is lying to you! Those who truly succeed grow from those low points. Pick yourself up and keep going!

Jefferson Quote Luck

As I have worked towards anorexia recovery these past few years, I have realized how important these 5 steps are in life. I have faced enormous setbacks, such as taking a semester off from Hopkins and completing my last semester remotely while all of my friends enjoyed senior year on campus. A year later, I am still living at home. However, I have already learned more than I ever would’ve thought at the start of this journey. Doors have opened that I would not have come across otherwise. By keeping an open mind and exploring my passion for medicine, I was able to find a job as a scribe at UCI Medical Center. This position has expanded my knowledge on the medical field and allowed me to fine-tune which path I wish to pursue. By taking risks and meeting new people with different interests, I have had unique experiences and acquired additional hobbies. These changes have not been easy but I recognize the benefits to adopting this mindset.

This St. Patrick’s Day, make your own luck by staying in the present and keeping your eyes open to all the new experiences around you!

Until next time,

P&P ❤


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