The Official Girl Scout Cookie Ranking

Who doesn’t love Girl Scout Cookie season? I am sure most of you can relate to the complex array of emotions that hit as you pull into the grocery store parking lot to see young girls in green vests stationed right outside the door with a table full of cookie boxes. Part of you is excited to splurge on a sweet treat, but part of you is worried about the self control that leaves your body at the sight of Thin Mints (you say only one box, but find yourself going back every few days for more until you are broke).

If you haven’t noticed, we are well into the 2017 Girl Scout Cookie Season! I am fortunate (or cursed if you look at it the other way) to have a little sister in Girl Scouts, and thus a living room full of cookie boxes. Not going to lie, for someone working towards eating disorder recovery, hundreds of cookie boxes is an enormous stressor. Instead of avoiding these sugary treats completely, I decided to turn the situation into a fun challenge. Over the past few weeks, I have tried each of the cookies and ranked them by deliciousness!GS Cookie

1. Samoas

This round circle of heaven has everything you could ask for in a treat — crispy cookie, gooey caramel, sweet chocolate and savory coconut. Words cannot describe the experience of biting into a Samoa so I am not even going to give it a go. Just trust me on this one and try it yourself, and soon!



2. Do-si-dos

Everything tastes better with peanut butter, but one of the best qualities of peanut butter is its ability to hold its own as a flavor. This cookie puts a simple and delicious flavor into a crisp and sweet form. You really can’t go wrong.



3. Tagalongs

Peanut butter + chocolate = yummy yummy goodness! That equation holds true no matter how the two are combined. Tagalongs are no exception. It is another great vessel for the two delicious flavors. That being said, this cookie is still far from perfect. The peanut butter-to-chocolate ratio is off and the peanut butter is not evenly distributed throughout the cookie. Oh well, its still heavenly!



4. Trefoils

First off, these cookies look adorable. They are intricate and delicate with a classic shortbread flavor. They may not be the most innovative or creative cookie out there, but you can’t go wrong with this simple treasure.



5. Thin Mints

Don’t hate me for putting these so low on the list! I know this is a risky statement to make but thin mints are overrated. They may be a good sundae topping or milkshake mix-in, but  they are fairly boring alone. The inside is dry and hard and the chocolate coating is nowhere near thick enough!



6. S’mores

We all have fond childhood memories of roasting marshmallows around the campfire and biting into a warm, gooey s’more. Not much can compete with those nostalgic tastes. And unfortunately, the S’mores Girl Scout cookie falls short. I had high hopes for this new addition to the cookie line up. I am going to try another clever s’more recipe next time I am having a graham cracker, marshmallow and chocolate craving.



7. Savannah Smiles

I am sorry but sour tastes do not belong in cookies. Some lemon treats are sweet enough to pass for dessert like lemon pound cake, but not these cookies! Let’s save the sweet and sour combination for Sour Patch Kids and sour gummy worms. They do it better than these cookies.



Time for you to get out there and form your own opinions. Feel free to disagree. All that matters is you find your favorite and enjoy a treat. We all deserve it!!

For additional Girl Scout cookie fun, take this Buzzfeed: “Which Girl Scout Cookie Are You Based On Your Inner Child?

Until next time,

P&P ❤


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