DIY Office Survival Kit Gift Idea

Working in a doctor’s office may be stressful at times, but I love the medical field! I look forward to continuing towards my goal of becoming a PA. The MDs, RNs, MAs and AuDs I work with a UCI Medical Center have helped me grow tremendously in the past year. As a small token for my gratitude, I wanted to get them a little present for the holidays.

Office Survival Kit.png

For each member of the staff, I made “ENT Survival Kits.” This was a super easy, yet adorable gift. You don’t need to be artsy or rich to throw these together. Heck, you don’t even have to work in a doctor’s office. They would be cute for any type of office or team!


Here are some ideas I brainstormed when making my gifts:

Starbursts – “For an extra burst of energy when we are drowning in patients”

Butterfingers – “To remind you that we all make mistakes”

Mints – “To help you keep your cool when clinic gets crazy”

Milk Way – “For a brief escape to another world when you really need a breather”

Snickers – “To remind you that, ‘laughter is the best medicine'”

Smarties – “To remind you that you are one smart cookie”

Tootsie Roll – “To help you roll with the punches”

Hersheys Kisses – “To show you how much I appreciate your handwork”

100 Grand – “To remind you that you are priceless”

Skittles – “To brighten your day with a rainbow”

Almond Joy – “To add a little joy to the stressful days”

Get creative and try to come up with your own phrases for your favorite candies!

In addition to giving each staff member the Survival Kit, I also gave the attending physician a box of chocolates (his favorite treat) with a mini prescription label. Hopefully one day I am able to write real prescriptions!



Hope you have fun crafting your own DIY gifts!

Until next time,

❤ P&P

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