Where You Can Find Free eBooks

Happy Book Lovers Day!

Reading has countless benefits. When have you ever been told to read less! The only downside to reading? The cost of books!! While I can get carried away wandering through Barnes and Noble looking at all the pretty books, I can’t afford to buy new books on the regular. If you are a broke college grad like me, or any other human being that doesn’t have pools of money to swim in, check out these cheap book hacks!

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iTunes may allow you to purchase virtually ever eBook or audiobook you can imagine. Surprisingly, it also has a selection of free ebooks, from kids to adults and fiction to nonfiction.


Barnes and Noble is known for its selection of books. With the release of Nook ebooks, Barnes and Noble allows you to purchase virtually every eBook you can imagine. Surprisingly, it also has a selection of free ebooks. Whether you are looking for a travel guide, touching biography or steamy romance, you need to look at the free ebook section of Nook.


Libraries don’t get nearly enough credit! Long gone are the days libraries only have shelves of dusty books. Now, many public and private libraries have online databases which allow you to access ebooks and audiobooks for free if you have a library card. Some of the systems only allow a certain amount of downloads at a time, so you may need to wait a little to gain access but definitely take a look.

Other eBook Websites

There are various websites out there that provide readers with access to ebooks. In addition to books for purchase, the following websites have a great variety of free ebooks that can be read on your e-reader or computer.

Now that you have access to more free ebooks than you can imagine, it is time to get reading!

But first, take this BuzzFeed quiz:

Which 21st Century Author Should Write a Novel About Your Life?

Author - Buzzfeed

Until next time,

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