8 Unique Ice Cream Float Recipes

Today is National Root Beer Float Day! In honor of this special day, make a fancy ice cream float. Branch away from the standard root beer and vanilla ice cream with one of these recipes.



Find out which will best fit your sweet tooth cravings with this Buzzfeed Quiz:

Which Ice Cream Float Should You Try Based On Your Sweet Tooth?

Root Beer Float - Buzzfeed


Matcha Ginger Ice Cream Float

green tea ice cream + ginger ale



Blackberry Pineapple Float

blackberries + pineapple sherbet + pineapple juice



Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate Float

milk + melted chocolate chips + peanut butter


Orange Creamsicle Float

vanilla ice cream + orange soda



Almond Iced Coffee Float

almond milk + brewed coffee + coffee ice cream



Fruity Summer Float

apple juice + orange juice + strawberry sherbet



Caramel Apple Float

salted caramel ice cream + apple cider



Shirley Temple Ice Cream Float

lemon-lime soda + vanilla ice cream + grenadine syrupshirley-temple-ice-cream-float


Your sweet tooth is going to thank you after these treats!

Until next time,

❤ P&P


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