8 Tasty S’Mores – Which Are You?

I don’t care what anyone says – you are never too old for s’mores! But, if you feel like you are too mature for gooey s’mores deliciousness, rid yourself of the guilt by tasting one of these 8 gourmet s’mores.


Magical Minty S’mores

Make your s’mores minty fresh by using an Andes Mint or York Peppermint Patty. Even better, try out See Mom Click‘s recipe with an additional minty Peep!


Bring on the Bacon S’mores

Bacon goes with everything, am I right? So why not put savory bacon on your sweet s’more? Take a look at Chowhound‘s sweet and salty recipe.



Nutty for Bananas PB & Banana S’mores

Banana and peanut butter is the perfect well-balanced snack. How can you make it even tastier? Add some graham crackers and gooey marshmallows, of course! Check out Whole and Heavenly Oven‘s delicious recipe.



Spicy Cayenne S’mores

Do you put hot sauce on everything, from burritos to eggs? If so, why not spice up your s’mores too? Visit Less Sugar, More Spice‘s cayenne s’mores recipe.



Berrilicious Triple Berry S’mores

Chocolate-covered berries are heavenly — now, imagine them on a s’more! visit My Sweet Zepol for this yummy recipe.



Peachy Perfect Peach & Brie S’mores

Are you one of those people who loves fancy wine and cheeses? If so, class up your s’mores by adding some brie with Macheesmo‘s peach and brie s’more recipe.



Chocolatta Triple Chocolate S’mores

If you are going to add a piece of chocolate to your tasty treat, why not go all out and add make it 100% chocolate. Find out how with Cooking Classy‘s triple chocolate s’mores.



Gooey & Crunchy Caramel Apple S’mores

A tart apple and sweet caramel make a wonderful pair. Why not add some marshmallows and graham crackers to make it even more wonderous? Check out Sinful Nutrition‘s caramel apple s’mores recipe.



Now, get roasting! These recipes are so easy that the most difficult part is going to be deciding which to try first. Figure out where you should start with my Buzzfeed Quiz: Which Gourmet S’more Should You Make at the Next Campout?

S'mores - Buzzfeed

Until next time,

❤ P&P

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