Shop Garage Sales. Save Big.

When you first hear the words “garage sale,” you may have negative thoughts. I don’t blame you. Leaving the house at 6 AM on a Saturday morning to dig through other people’s trash isn’t my idea of a good time either. But, garage sales are so much more! They aren’t all bags of trash dumped onto a neighbor’s front lawn (tbh, some of them are close to that). Instead, many of them are filled with hidden treasures.

Garage Sales

In the hopes of finding some “grown-up” decorative accessories to accent my room, I joined my mom and sister bright and early one Saturday morning. They were on the hunt for furniture pieces to go in my sister’s new college apartment. As the sun was rising, I headed out of the door bundled in leggings, my Hopkins quarter zip and UGGs. I made sure my wallet was adequately filled with $1s and $5s, and my coffee was warm and strong.

Our Google search of garage sales in the area provided us with a few addresses to start. As we headed in the direction of our first stop, we kept our eyes peeled for bright signs advertising additional sales. When we pulled up to our first house, we suddenly realized that we were still pretty close to our house. We made sure to scope it out before we got out of the car to ensure that we didn’t have any awkward encounters with neighbors we knew.

Our first couple stops were not too exciting. I found an unused notebook for $0.50, which I could always use so I snatched it up.

My favorite stop was an estate sale. We were able to enter the house and go room-to-room looking at all the goodies. You would not believe some of the things we found…coffee cans of old nails to 20-year-old cookbooks. Even more surprising, people were buying it all up. One lady even asked if she could buy all the empty hangers in the closets! The people watching ended up being half the fun.

But no worries, the garage sale also had some great treasures for people of all interests. One house had tons of vinyl records, perfect for oldie music fans. Another had a table full of terrariums, perfect for trendy plant-lovers. My mom, sister and I were successful in finding three home goods at low prices!

Elegant White Desk

We found a simple white desk in great condition for $10 which is perfect for my sister’s new apartment. The desk looks really similar to the Anywhere Desk at Target that costs $110. Even better, I like the desk we found way more. The details on the legs give it a more feminine and expensive look.

But just a fair warning, if you plan to buy furniture at a garage sale, be sure you plan on how to transport it home. My mom, sister and I thought we had it under control but fitting it in the car was a bit of a struggle. I bet all the neighbors were laughing at us and we tried about twenty different angles before we got the trunk to close. We even had to screw off two of the legs with our fingers since we didn’t bring tools. There were a couple of minutes when I was worried I would be walking home. But in the end, we walked away with lots of laughs and an awesome deal!

White Desk

Ornate Compote Dish

My mom and I are a sucker for decor. We could spend hours upon hours in Home Goods if we had more free time and larger wallets (much, much larger). We found this dish at the estate sale. Each of us had eyed it separately and pointed it out to the other almost instantaneously. At $4, we knew it was a steal. Neither of us had heard of the brand before, but we couldn’t pass it up with its intricate detail, high-quality material, and classy style.

As soon as I got home, I hopped on my laptop and started Googling “E.O. Brody Co. Cleveland, Ohio.” I have found listings of the dish for $18, even $23! Despite the value, I don’t have any plans on parting from this compote dish. It looks lovely filled with Ocean Pottery Barn potpourri.

Compote Dish

Versatile Glass Container

Just like home decor, my mom and I love containers. It still amazes me that I have never visited The Container Store (maybe that should go on my Bucket List…stay tuned for an upcoming post!). When I found this sitting on the table outside of a Spanish-style house in a trendy part of town, I knew it would be perfect for our kitchen. During the summers, we love to host “Sundae Sundays,” and I can already picture this container filled with fresh baked brownie bites and surrounded by little jars of candy toppings. For only $1, this glass jar was a steal! It looks identical to one sold at Pottery Barn for $19.50.

Glass Container

So, don’t we scared! Give it a try. I am happy that I pulled myself out of bed bright and early. I think I am going to become a regular garage sale junkie!



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