Photo Challenge: Summer Fair – Free Printable

You are never too old to have fun at your local fair! My family and I decided to go to SummerFest in Fountain Valley spontaneously a recent Saturday night. I am not embarrassed to say that I had nothing more exciting planned — no parties to go to, no clubs to dance at. To make the night even more fun, we dressed in coordinating flannel shirts and jean shorts.

County Fair Photo Scavenger Hunt

I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect night than one spent screaming on carnival rides with my 10-year-old sister!

Life is like a ferris wheel.

To add a twist to our adventure, I made a Photo Scavenger Hunt the day before. Between my sister and I, we were able to complete 15 out of the 20 items.

Download your copy of the Fair Scavenger Hunt PDF and try to beat our score!!

For more fun, take my Buzzfeed quiz: What is your spirit carnival ride?

Fair Scavenger Hunt.jpg


Check MarkPhoto of you go up and up on the FERRIS WHEEL

My sister and I joined all couples in line at the ferris wheel. We laughed and joked around the entire ride as everyone in the other cars cuddled together under the setting sun. Our parents kind of failed at getting a picture of us so you have to look really closely to see our heads popping over the side.


Check MarkPhoto as you spin round and round on the GRAVITRON

I have to admit that this was my first time on a Gravitron. I have always wanted to try but continuously chicken out. I purposely placed this on the list to force myself to give it a try. I snapped this picture before the ride started because I didn’t know what to expect once we started to spin. In hindsight, I probably could’ve gotten a picture mid-ride. I hardly moved a muscle the entire time but the little kids all around me climbed up the walls. One kid even wiggled his way upside down! How come I wasn’t blessed with guts?


Check MarkPhoto of your silly face on the SCRAMBLER

This ride was way more painful that I thought. No wonder there was a sign on the seat instructing the “larger person” to sit on the outside. My sister was pushed up against me the entire time. At least we had fun saying “whoa” a hundred times over and over. Definitely worth the bruise on my hip.


Check MarkPhoto with your hands up on the SLIDE

The slide was by far my favorite ride, except for the trek up the stairs. I probably would’ve ridden it 20 more times if there was an elevator. Both times I rode the ride, I went so fast that my butt ended up on the grass. I guess I should be grateful that I didn’t knock anyone out with my big feet.


Check MarkPhoto as you are shaken on the ZIPPER

I have to admit…I chickened out of this ride. I was feeling nauseous from the Gravitron and needed a breather. My brave sister begged my parents to take her since single riders weren’t allowed. My mom caved — props to her! The picture of them does not do them justice. They looked terrified but loved it.



Greets & Eats:

Check MarkPhoto at the CARNIVAL ENTRANCE

Who doesn’t love emojis? This carnvial had a huge smiley face at the gate. We couldn’t help but strike a silly pose before we headed out.


Check MarkPhoto in line at the TICKET BOOTH

My mom found a deal online for this carnival so we got unlimited ride wristbands and didn’t have to wait in the regular ticket line. To get an extra point on the scavenger hunt, I managed to snap a pic in front of the booth anyways.




I am jealous that my sister wanted to race my dad instead of me, but I guess I should take it as a compliment. I bet I would’ve popped that balloon first! Oh well, I enjoyed watching the get beat by the little kid on the other side of booth.


Check MarkPhoto involving a RUBBER DUCKY game

Rubber duckies are too cute! My little sister couldn’t pass up the opportunity to catch some ducks and win stuffed fish.


Check MarkPhoto showing off YOUR NEW PRIZE

My sister and I aren’t your typical carnival-goers. Sure the stuffed bears and monkeys are cute, but not nearly as practical as a blow up microphone! We may have looked like dorks walking around the carnival singing into it, but who cares!


Check MarkPhoto racing through the HOUSE OF MIRRORS

I was kind of embarrassed that the little kids in front of us had to lead the way but I was still proud as I slid down the slide at the end of the maze.



Check MarkPhoto close to a FURRY ANIMAL

No fair is complete without a petting zoo. We were able to get this picture before the goat tried to climb over the fence and escape!


Check MarkPhoto as you CHECK YOUR HEIGHT

Going to amuzement parks is always hit and miss for my sister. She wants to go on all of the roller coasters but is right on the boardline heightwise. Thank goodness she was able to go on all the scary rides she wanted to this time.



When I put this on my list, I was thinking we might find a fat frog in a cage among the farm animals. I never thought that we would find an aquarium filled with seacreatures and tanks filled with snakes. My sister is too gutsy for her own good. She asked to hold the snake. I give myself props for standing close enough to get the picture!


Check MarkPhoto peaking in the PORTAPOTTY

No carnival is completely without nasty portapotties. I refused to use these “restrooms” but I was brave enough to open the door and snap a pic in order to get another checkmark. #conqueringmyfears


Our final score came out to 15/20. It is your turn to try this Photo Scavenger Hunt at your local carnival. Try to beat our score!


Until next time,

❤ P&P

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