6 Ways to Reuse Your Q-Tip Containers

I think the travel size Q-tip containers are adorable! How can you not? And, they are so handy. I love taking them with me when I am going on a road trip for the weekend or getting ready for a night on the town with at my friend’s house. You never know when you are going to be in need of a Q-tip!

**Just in case the Otologist I scribe for reads this post: Please note the Q-tip warning label “Do not insert swab into ear canal.” 🙂

6 Ways to Reuse Your Q-Tip Containers-2

While I try to refill the to-go containers with more Q-tips as I use up the ones inside, I am guilty have purchasing more when I forget about the ones I have in my bathroom cupboards. If you are forgetful like me and have extra Q-tip containers laying around, decorate it with Washi tape or stickers & reuse it in one of these six clever ways:

Travel First Aid Kit

Be ready for the next time you get a blister at work from your new flats or your friend trips walking down the street in high heels with a mini-first aid kit. Stock it with Band-Aid, Neosporin, tweezers, alcohol wipes and gauze pads.



Sweet Stash

Never let that sweet-tooth of yours go unsatisfied. Keep treats in your purse at all times! Try mints, Starbursts, Jolly Rangers, gum or anything else you crave during that 3:00 hump at work.



Headphone Storage

Prevent your headphones from getting tangled with all of your other belongings by keeping them separate.



Post-It Note Pouch

Stop wasting precious study time scrunching around the bottom of your backpack for your Post-It Notes. Keep them stowed away nicely and neatly.



Gift Card Carrier

Never forget that 2 year old Chipotle gift card in your closet the next time you decide to treat yourself to a yummy burrito on your lunch break. Keep all of your gift cards together in your purse at all time.



Beauty Box

Next time the humidity ruins your perfectly straighten hair or the summer sun leaves your lips chapped, be prepared with a mini-beauty kit filled with hair ties, bobby pins, nail clippers and ChapStick.



Now, start decorating and preparing the travel kit of your choice! How did you choose to up-cycle your Q-tip containers? Did you think of a 7th way? Let me know.

Until next time,

❤  P&P

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