DIY Dotted Shot Glasses

Life finds many ways to knock us down. We have no choice but to get up and move forward — and sometimes a little drink or two helps us shake off the bruises. So why not do it with these personalized DIY dotted shot glasses? We monogram everything these days, from our purses to our towels, and I don’t think we should leave out our shot glasses.


You have to give these glasses a shot. And I promise, this DIY is so easy a kindergartener could do it!



  • Glasses (any size you prefer…shot, wine, whiskey, beer, scotch…pick your poison)
  • Sharpies
  • Stickers

Shot Glasses Before


  1. Wash and dry the glasses completely. If the glasses are even slightly damp, the dots will smear.
  2. Place the stickers on the glasses.
  3. Dot away! I like to make the dots more concentrated right around the letters and then decrease the concentration as I move outwards. This creates a cool gradient effect.
    1. Note: be careful not to place the side of your hand on the dots as you are creating your design. If you do not allow the ink to dry completely before touching it, you will smudge the design with your hand. If you smudge on accident, no worries. Wipe it off right away. Once it drys, you won’t be able to correct it.
  4. Optional: Add another color or two to give the pattern more dimension.
  5. Let dry about 5 minutes.
  6. Remove stickers. This part can be a little tricky but if you go slowly you’ll be just fine.
  7. Start drankin’!

I told you this DIY was quick and painless! Even better, it won’t break the bank (more money to put towards the yummy stuff). Try making these for a friend’s birthday. They will think you spent forever working on this custom design, and you never have to tell them the truth.

So give it a try and let me know how it goes. I would love to see pictures of your final products.

DIY Shot Glasses

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