Types of Posts You Can Expect From My Post-College Journey

Types of Posts

As I noted in my first post, I am writing this blog to push myself outside of my comfort zone and make the most of my post-college life. What can you expect as a reader? Here are few of the many types of posts you may see:

Family: Dorky trips with my even dorkier (but adorable) family

I have no shame in admitting that I have moved back home with my parents. I love it! (keep an eye out for a future post about the benefits of living at home) One perk is the constant company of my family. Well, I guess some days I wouldn’t call being with my family 24/7 a “perk,” like when I am stuck babysitting on a Friday night or my movie is interupted by vaccumming down the hall.

That being said, having parents and sisters as roommates means crazy trips! My family may not be super cool or spontaneous, but every so often I find myself giggling at the places we end up or the activities we try out. Who knows what silly ride road trip I will be on next, but I know for sure that we will be laughing along the way.


Money: Tips from one indebted twenty-something to another

For all of you young adults like me, I have a good feeling that you are not rolling in dough, but instead digging through your couch cushions looking for dimes to buy Taco Bell for dinner. I will be sharing my struggles as I learn about budgeting and saving (the hard way). And for all of you readers who know how to do your own taxes or have more than $20 to your name, who can’t benefit from a few more tips? Or at least a good laugh at my mistakes?


DIY: Easy crafts and upcycling ideas 

I have always loved arts and crafts! In another universe, I like to think that I have my own show on HGTV flipping houses. Unfortunately, a small gap exists between my creative interests and my artistic abilities. That being said, my years of trial and error have taught me a few lessons. I am going to share tricks I’ve learned that are great for all of those at all levels, from decopage newbies to glitter experts.


Food: My attempts to make real, grown-up food

When I was a kid, I lived off of macaroni and cheese, chicken nuggets and pizza. I was pretty close to as picky as picky gets. During college, I opened up my taste buds. I may not have enjoyed everything I’ve tried, but I have definitely found some new favorites.

Unfortunately, I came to the sad realization that expanding my pallete was only the first step in eating like an adult. The next step is to learn to make it. I think it is time for me to stop calling frozen burritos and toasted bagels “home-cooked meals.” Get ready to hear about my journey into the world of sauteing, whisking and broiling.


College and Career: Lessons learned as I tiptoe my way through the professional world

Perhaps you aren’t in school or you are still in college. You may even have college in your rearview mirror as you wonder how you survived those 4+ years of nonstop studying and partying. No matter what your background or future looks like, work and education is always a scary topic. I look forward to sharing what I learned as a college student. You will also hear about the struggles I am bound to face as I take on the unknown and scary work-world. Hopefully I can help you avoid the same mistakes. Maybe you can even provide me and the rest of our readers with your own advice!


Adventures: My Bucket List and associated giggles (and bruises) 

Since graduation, I have realized that the cliche phrase, “so much to do, so little time,” is accurate. I have a long bucket list but have yet to check off many items. My list is not one of a daredevil–no, I do not want to go skydiving nor do I want to travel to Mars, but I would like to be more adventurous. I used to think watching a scary movie on Netflix was daring, but I have recently been corrected. I know I will fail a few times along the way, but from what I hear falling is supposed to make us stronger, right?


Now that I have more free time than I probably will ever have in my life, it is time to get moving. I hope you join me!



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