Summer 2016 Bucket List

I am not going to waste any time with this bucket list!! There is no time like the present!

  1. Start a blog
  2. Buy a car
  3. Try tennis
  4. Get a job in a new industry
  5. Go Geocaching
  6. Visit the Museum of Tolerance
  7. Bake cookies from scratch
  8. Go hiking in the hills of LA
  9. Try a new hobby
  10. Visit The Container Store

Every summer has a story.

I have officially checked off number 1. All of your encouragement has given me the courage to keep going. I have a much longer bucket list than these 10 items, but I decided I should start small. As soon as I check these 10 off, I will start with the next 10. If you have any suggestions of items I should add to the next list, please comment below. Stay tuned for more updates!

For a cool visual, visit the Summer 2016 Bucket List infographic I created thanks to Venngage.


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