5 Reasons I Decided to Become a Blogger

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I can’t believe I am doing this…I am starting a blog. Part of me thinks I might be as crazy as I am terrified. Another part of me is excited to see what the world of blogging has in store! I have never been one to post much on social media. I remember being resistant towards Facebook in high school until I couldn’t take the nagging from my friends any longer. I reluctantly started an account but rarely made posts. (I admit that I did use it to creep on others every now and then but who doesn’t?!) Over the years, I have slowly opened up to social media despite being an introvert. I also admit to the unmatched power of the internet. Countless messages are spread worldwide every second, and I want to take part by stepping into the blogging world.

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So why am I becoming a blogger?

1. To share my story


In the summer of 2014, I began a long and hard battle with anorexia.
Though terribly painful for both myself and my loved ones, the journey has changed my perspective on my relationships, my education, my goals, myself…and well pretty much my perspective on everything. I hope to show you the benefits of living in the present and focusing on the finer things in life.

Don’t worry–this is not a blog about eating disorder recovery. I won’t share when I am experiencing bad body image or when I have successfully consumed a challenge food. My recovery is my own. Instead, I will focus on the bigger picture; on what I have been able to do now that I have a college degree in my back pocket.

2. To hear your stories

I may have by own story, but you all have our own as well. We all have our own strengths; our own weakness. Our own accomplishments and our own struggles. What successes have you had in life and how did you get there? What obstacles have you faced and what did you take away? The internet allows us to connect with individuals we would not otherwise have the opportunity to meet. Let’s make the most of it!

I want to hear about what you have overcome or what brings you joy. I want you to share about crazy adventures have you been on and loved as well as ones you will never do again. I hope my blog can be a dialogue. Now that I am out of college, I have time to explore but I don’t know where I should look. Any suggestions?

3. To encourage myself to try new things

I have always been afraid of change. I love rigidity, routines, and comfort. Unfortunately, growing up has taught me that life is far from predictable. Through my recovery process, I have been nudged out of my comfort zone and forced to try things ranging from poetry to bungee jumping. At the beginning, stepping into the unknown terrified me. However, as I continued to confront my fears and discomforts, I realized that my parents were right when they told me, “take a few bites before you say you don’t like your veggies.” Activities that I thought I would hate ended up being a blast. While I admit that not everything I tried was my favorite (like meditating), I never would have found the new things that now bring me joy (like art!) had I not pushed myself to try it in the first place.

Sunset jumping

4. To remind myself to be unapologetically me

I spent too many years putting my grades and accomplishments before my family, my friends, myself and my wellbeing. I pushed myself past the breaking point because I thought that is what others wanted me to do. I set unrealistic expectations for myself and tied my happiness solely to my accomplishments. But…I am more than a letter grade, a GPA or a title! I am EVA!

To be honest, I am not quite sure who I am, but why do I need to know? Through blogging, I hope to remove the mask that I have put up most of my life and listen to myself. I am going to stop worrying about what I think perceived others to expect of me. I plan on trying things I know I won’t be perfect at…or let’s be real, things I will probably fail at (like surfing). I have heard that the end result is not what is important, but rather the experience. Here is to hoping that’s true!

5. To make the most of my post-graduate life

After graduating with my BA and starting to work, I figured now was the perfect time to try something crazy. I may not have a ton of spare time, but why not take advantage of the opportunity? Who knows if the time will ever be right for me to try blogging again.

And starting a blog is not the only item on my post-graduate bucket list (check out my upcoming Summer 2016 Bucket List post). I have realized that there are way too many things I have told myself to try repeatedly but have yet to do so. Now, I am determined to start checking items off!

So….Hop on Board

I hope you decide to join me on this adventure! Stay tuned for my upcoming Summer 2016 Bucket List post. I would also love to hear your suggestions. What do you love to do? What have you always wanted to do but have been putting off? Now is the time to try it, and I would love to try it too!



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